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How to buy a new car online

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How to buy a new car online

How to buy a new car online  Even before the primary lockdown was announced last year, a couple of carmakers had some or the opposite quite online new car-buying mechanism in situ. a couple of weeks into the lockdown and most started a web sales platform. By mid-2020, it had been clear that an integrated phygital (physical plus digital) platform with digitally-enabled salespersons will become critical success criteria to tap into the car-buying public.

On paper, the method of shopping for a car online is straightforward. The steps are:

a). Set your budget

Your initial step ought to decide the amount you can stand to spend. This incorporates ascertaining such things as fuel expenses and vehicle protection, just as recognizing the amount of an up front installment you will bring to the table. These things add to the continuous month to month cost related with claiming the vehicle.

Your spending estimations ought to likewise consider the interest you will pay for a credit, as this will likewise impact your regularly scheduled installment and your general expense for the vehicle. Purchasers who have higher financial assessments will be offered more serious loan fees than purchasers with lower FICO ratings.

b). Select a brand/model

A great many people as of now utilize the web to figure out what sort of vehicle they need and discover however much as could be expected about the make, model and choices. Sites offer master surveys and articles on many vehicles, specifying the best vehicles for bunch ways of life.

What’s more, with YouTube, customers presently don’t have to walk the vehicle parcel to get a decent glance at vehicles that interest them. Select your car brand/ model wisely.

c). Visit the carmaker’s website

When there’s a restricted inventory of the vehicle you need on seller parcels, there’s to a lesser extent a possibility you’ll get an incredible arrangement, so make certain to check what neighborhood vendors have available.

You track down the ideal shading mix and hardware just to get to the business and it seems, by all accounts, to be on the way or sold. Call an assortment of vendors to ask about accessibility for the vehicle you have at the top of the priority list. Check for the dealer’s or carmakers website to get a complete and authentic detail about the car you are interested in.

d). Take a test drive if you would like (most dealers will send the test drive vehicle to your home/office)

To take a test drive of a car is a must as you will come to know the feel of the car. Since you will be spending most of the time in it while on road so plan a test drive of the car you are interested in. These days it has become very easy to get a test drive as most of the dealers send the test vehicle to your home or office.

e). Negotiate and finance (online and on phone)

Whenever you’ve concurred on a cost with a couple of vendors, arrange the exchange and financing. Essentially ask the vendor for the best proposal for your exchange.

Exchange valuations have soar in 2020 and 2021. Thus, if a customer is on the lookout for another vehicle and has a pre-owned car to exchange, they ought to consistently perceive how much the vendor will offer.

When you get cites for your exchange, look at them and pick whether you’ll acknowledge a seller’s exchange offer, sell secretly or acknowledge a proposal from a pre-owned vehicle vendor.

Then, get some information about discounts and financing motivators. On the off chance that you have a voucher or preapproval from your bank, you can specify those on the grounds that it’s anything but’s a money purchaser — bringing financing and the initial installment out of the vendor’s benefit condition. Inquire as to whether the seller can offer you anything better.

f). Take delivery (again, most carmakers promise car delivery at home/office)

At this point, you ought to be working with the vendor that has the vehicle you need to purchase and that has offered you the best arrangement. At this stage, you may in any case need to visit the vendor to conclude the bill of offer, sign any necessary financing administrative work and get your keys and vehicle. However, numerous businesses are likewise now conveying vehicles and desk work right to your carport, permitting this last advance to be finished at your home.

Regardless of which approach you take, investigate the last agreement cautiously. Check the entirety of the numbers and request clarifications of any extra charges or documentation for expenses that look sketchy.

But do all carmakers have an end-to-end online sales platform? We take a glance.


On the Hyundai India website, its online automotive retail platform ‘Click to Buy’ features on top of the page. ‘Click to Buy’ offers car-buyers dedicated sales consultants, online finance options and authorization, estimated time of delivery, online test drive booking of sanitized cars, and eventually home delivery of sanitized cars. While it’s currently available in English, there are plans to launch it in regional languages also. It’s claimed to be an end-to-end online car buying platform, i.e. at no stage, you’ll need to visit the dealership.

Maruti Suzuki

The country’s largest carmaker has two sales channels: Arena and Nexa. While it doesn’t have a ‘Click to Buy’ quite a nomenclature for online car sales, you’ll buy a new car online.

Arena: This website possesses the ‘E-Book’ link on which once the potential buyer fills in personal, car, and dealer details, she will do the whole new car-buying process sitting at home/office.

Next: it’s got the ‘E-Book Now’ link on top of the page, which works exactly as ‘E-Book’ on Arena.


Kia India has a web car configurator on its website that allows you to select a model, customize it, get a test drive either reception or office, and even home delivery. there’s a fanatical sales representative who guides you thru finance and other options. the website features a link called ‘VR Showroom’ that allows you to take a better check out most car features.


Called ‘Honda from Home’, this online booking platform allows you to select a model, choose a dealership, share your details, and pay and book online. the website also has the ‘Honda Virtual Showroom’ on which you’ll experience most features of a car virtually.

Tata Motors

Called ‘Click to Drive’, this platform allows you to explore Tata cars and services, reserve a car online, and obtain price quotation, financing options, and estimate on your old car via email, video chat or WhatsApp. It also allows you to either devour the car at a dealership or have it delivered. the website features a link called ‘Imaginator’ that provides you an in-depth checkout car features, and particularly the Safari AR Imaginator literally places the car inside your front room.


Like Maruti Suzuki, Toyota Kirloskar Motor also doesn’t have a reputation for a web car sales channel, but the website allows you to shop for. Its website has an ‘eBOOK’ link on top of the page, using which you’ll choose a model (ex-showroom prices are displayed next to the car), choose a variant, color, and dealership, fill in personal details and pay online.


Called ‘Own-Online’, this platform lets prospective buyers select, customize, compare, book, and buy a vehicle. you furthermore may get instant exchange quotes, finance and insurance options, and choose contactless delivery at a selected place after making payment. Because Mahindra sells only SUVs and SUVs are customization-friendly-there is an option of adding accessories to your vehicle, including body kits, cabin refurbishment, audio system, and so on.


Citroën has launched 100% direct online buying for the new C5 Aircross SUV, and 20% of pre-bookings for the C5 Aircross were online. The French carmaker said that customers in over 50 Indian cities outside its dealer network are covered through this direct online buying initiative and may order directly from the factory. a fanatical e-commerce-enabled website with a selection of finance, insurance, annual maintenance packages, the extended warranty also as trade-in of the prevailing car is out there. the corporate added that customers are supported by a fanatical test drive fleet, e-sales advisor, virtual product demo, and doorstep delivery facility.

Luxury carmakers

Audi, Mercedes-Benz, JLR India, Volvo, and BMW all offer online booking and sales of their models. Audi India has an augmented reality feature and a 360-degree product visualizer that allows you to see the car in 3D. Under ‘Merc from Home’, you’ll buy new and used Mercedes-Benz cars.

Separate sales channel?

Carmakers say online isn’t a separate sales channel, but a platform that enhances dealership sales. It doesn’t imply that, within the future, carmakers will directly start selling to end-consumers. “Online or offline, a car has got to be sold through dealerships. Dealers aren’t middlemen, they’re our partners,” carmakers say.

Is the experience holistic?

While augmented reality and computer game technologies have advanced tons, the experience is unable to match the touch-and-feel of a physical product-car-buying may be a personalized process, and buyers want to touch-and-feel and drive the merchandise before making a choice. The good thing here is that in areas where there’s no strict lockdown, dealers are sending cars to prospective customers’ homes before they create a buying decision.

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