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10 Automotive Photography Tips — Lenses, Angles, Light Mixing & More!

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Here are 10 tips for shooting professional-level car and bike photography. (Squarespace Coupon: KARL – https://bit.ly/SquareSpace-Code-KARL)

From cars to motorcycles, lighting considerations, angles, polarisation, space requirements, assistants, and more, I’m going to share my top 10 tips for automotive and car photography to help you get the best results.

As a product photographer, the technical aspects and principles of lighting for automotive are actually very similar to the products I usually shoot. You often have a mixture of gloss and matte surfaces along with difficult reflective curves; it’s all just on a much bigger scale.

Although many new car images are undertaken using CGI there is still a demand for real photography, especially for classic cars. Read more (with useful diagrams) https://bit.ly/10-Car-Photo-Tips

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Specific Automotive Photography Education
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